The Way Down Wanderers at Schuba’s, Chicago

It’s a A Way Down Wanderers Extravaganza today, everyone!  First up is a peek at their most recent show at Schubas Tavern in Chicago.  If you prefer movement and sound with your pictures, go HERE and HERE.

Come back later today for more WDW fun as we take a behind the scenes look at their video shoot for Blue Sky Song.  It’s all coming up aces for these guys, let me tell ya.

DSC_5298 WEB W.jpgDSC_5314WEB.jpgDSC_5322 WEB W.jpgDSC_5340 WEB W.jpgDSC_5352 WEB W.jpgDSC_5355 BW WEB W.jpgDSC_5379 WEB W.jpgDSC_5384 WEB W.jpgDSC_5388 WEB W2.jpgDSC_5401 WEB W.jpgDSC_5443 WEB W.jpg
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  1. mom at 12:04 pm #

    your versatility is showing!!

  2. Dale at 2:00 pm #

    I’m still eagerly awaiting the release of your professional debut. Looking forward to your CD. I’m from Minnesota and I like your music!

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