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Little Adventures Season 2 Ep. 2 – The Rock Garden

These pictures have been sitting patiently on my computer for few weeks now.  I’ve been anxious to get to them but there have been so many other things going on around here.  Finally got to them tonight and it was like my own little mini Christmas.  These were fun!

This location has made my list of favorites.  Anyone out there know where this is?  I found it via the internets and it seemed rather obscure to me.  But then, my knowledge of the area is by no means indicative of the general populace.  EVERYONE might know where this is.

This is one of those places that makes you feel like you’re somewhere else.  It’s old, somewhat crumbling, and a bit surreal.  The light was a bit harsh by the time kiddos and I made it out there, but it still made for a fun shoot.  The texture of the rocks was beautiful against the freshly green grass and the soft, sweeping horizon.

You might notice the shorties holding disposable cameras in a few shots.  Not the most attractive props, but they were intent on taking their own pictures that day.

THANK YOU Cheryl Becker for most graciously allowing us on your property to take these pictures! (Cheryl, please email me your contact information in case I need to come out again!)

DSC_7127 PADMLA WEB W.jpgDSC_7150 WEB W.jpgDSC_7147 PADMLA WEB W.jpg

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