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A Little Adventure – Pekin IL Photographer

Today’s warm weather put me in the mood for a little adventure so I dressed Jack up like Farmer Hoggett and we crashed a local greenhouse 🙂 I should probably point out that I didn’t intend to dress Jack up like Farmer Hoggett, it’s just the way it turned out. Now that I’ve realized it I can hardly look at this post without picturing him holding a tiny pink pig! LOL

Shout out to Matt at Heights Flowers Plant Farm for letting us do our thang!

DSC_3077F WEBW.jpgDSC_3078F WEBW.jpgDSC_3064F WEBW.jpgDSC_3085F WEBW.jpgDSC_3091 WEB.jpgDSC_3098F WEBW.jpgDSC_3092 WEBW.jpgDSC_3104F WEBW.jpgDSC_3101F WEBW.jpg
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