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Fondulac Farm Park

If you live in the Peoria Area and you have little ones and you haven’t been to the Fondulac Farm Park, you really oughtta go.  We “discovered” it last year through a friend of mine and couldn’t wait for it to reopen this spring.  It’s a cute little park tucked up on the bluff above Meadows Ave. in East Peoria.  “Farm Park” might give some the impression that it’s big like a farm, but it’s not.  It’s just the right size for little legs to follow the path over the duck pond, past the chicken coop, into the barn, through the schoolhouse, and back up to the snack shop before they get tired and cranky.  At the entrance they sell ice cream cones filled with animal feed.   Most of the animals will eagerly approach for the food and some will snatch the entire cone right out of little hands if you’re not careful.

Some quick calculatin’ at our first visit this year told me that we would easily get our money’s worth out of the $50 family season pass (4 people).  Sold!  Now if they could just bring back the pig…

farm park 1.jpgfarm park 2.jpg


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