Blue Skies Way Down By the River

I ask you, what better way to come down from the high of playing Schubas in Chicago than to launch right into recording a music video?!!

I adore being in creative spaces and around creative people.  I also adore natural light, cats, taking pictures, and strong black coffee.  All of the above were present Sunday afternoon for the filming of The Way Down Wanderers music video for Blue Sky Song.  Bliss.

The creative space and delicious natural light were generously donated by Jerry McNeil of McNeil Pottery.  Well, to be fair, God provided the light, but Jerry’s enormous windows let it in.  His studio in the Murray Center for the Arts on the Peoria Riverfront was a perfect location for the video.  Jerry’s cat Ed provided good karma for the shoot through the simple presence of his awesome cat self.

The video was shot by Mark Grismanauskas.  I don’t know much about Mark other than he didn’t mind me shooting still pictures while he was shooting moving pictures and that makes him tops in my book.

So here’s your little behind the scenes peek at the making of Blue Sky Song.  You can bet your britches I’ll be linking to the final product when Mark is done, so stay tuned.

c28-DSC_5619 WEB W.jpgc31-DSC_5632 BW WEB W.jpgc49-DSC_5577 WEB W.jpgDSC_5615 LR WEB W.jpgc7-DSC_5566 WEB W.jpgc85-DSC_5538 WEB W.jpgc87-DSC_5554 WEB W.jpgc3-DSC_5575 crop WEB W.jpgc23-DSC_5467 BW WEB W.jpgc91-DSC_5526 WEB W.jpgc18-DSC_5500 WEB W.jpgc2-DSC_5492 LR WEB W.jpgc3-DSC_5543 WEB W .jpgc5-DSC_5505 WEB W.jpgc81-DSC_5516 WEB W.jpgc94-DSC_5494 WEB W.jpgc99-DSC_5502 WEB.jpg
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  1. mom at 8:32 pm #

    Awesome shooting! Love these. You have such talent, a good eye–what next photo-journalist?

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