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Down in the Valley – Green Valley, IL Photographer

Made a trip down to Green Valley, IL before Mother’s day to shoot these lovely people, a birthday announcement, and their exciting news! There outside of Green Valley I learned that cactus grows wild here in Illinois.  Mind. Blown. Eastern Prickly Pear

DSC_4644F crop WEBW.jpgDSC_4736F text WEBW.jpgDSC_4168 WEBW.jpgDSC_4160F WEBW.jpgDSC_4680F WEBW.jpgDSC_4700F WEBW.jpgDSC_4696F WEBW.jpgDSC_4718F crop WEBW.jpgDSC_4744FVcrop text WEBW.jpgDSC_4758 WEBW.jpg
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