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Making Waves Mini Sessions are still going strong over here on Peachtree Lane.  I’m still taking appointments for Making Waves, but not for much longer because it’s almost time for [cue the squeals, tears, maniacal laughter] BACK TO SCHOOL! More on that soon 😉

We are definitely enjoying summertime here in Central Illinois. The weather has been a bit all over the place, but that’s fine with us.  Keeps things green 🙂 Watermelon picnics are just one of the many adorable summertime activities my children enjoy.  They gladly don their rustic country clothes, ask for their hair to be done an “old fashioned” way, and helpfully pack up supplies.  This time we were fortunate enough to pass a beautiful golden wheat field on the way to our picnic and the kids demanded I make a detour so they could walk through it! They were so thankful I brought boots to protect their feet from the pokey stalks. They frolicked through the field until I told them that it was really time to head on to our picnic.   They said ithey hated to leave but were so excited about watermelon! When we reached our picnic destination they helped me carry our supplies from the car to the mutually agreed upon picnic spot, patiently waited while I set things out in a visually appealing manner, and then helped each other find enough room to sit on the blanket.  They both tried valiantly to lift the hefty watermelons and politely shared the juicy wedges when it was finally time to eat.

That is absolutely nothing like how it really went.  Moms, if you’re thinking to yourself “there’s no way I can book a photo session cuz my crazy kid/kids would never sit still like that,” please know that NO ONE has perfect kids (not even me bahaha) and it’s my task, nay my PLEASURE, to find the beauty in the imperfection. So don’t wait til they’re older or over whatever phase they’re in – book now!  Before you know it they’ll be all growed up 🙁

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