Return to Allerton – Monticello IL Photographer

Allerton Park continues to be one of my favorite places in Central Illinois.  Here are some pictures from our outing last fall. Last year we were there a bit earlier in the season, cheeks were chubbier :-), and the place was swarmed with ladybugs or Asian beetles or whatever. This year we went on a cloudy, blustery day (the weekend before Halloween), the fall colors were fabulous, and we “discovered” the path within the giant hedgerow!  So fun!

DSC_0132 WEBW-c45.jpgDSC_0133 WEBW-c78.jpgDSC_0136 WEBW-c58.jpgDSC_0174 WEBW.jpgDSC_0147 WEBW-c83.jpgDSC_0178 WEBW.jpgDSC_0183 WEBW2-c58.jpgDSC_0189 WEBW-c26.jpgDSC_0198 WEBW-c38.jpgDSC_0201 WEBW-c78.jpgDSC_0210 WEBW-c82.jpgDSC_0218 WEBW-c66.jpgDSC_0221 WEBW-c93.jpg
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