Blue Moonrise Kingdom – Germantown Hills IL Photographer

I’m gonna tell you something.  I used to think that Illinois was THE most boring place to live scenery-wise.  Flat, flat, flat.  Largely devoid of forests.  Corn and bean fields every which way you turn. Our highways are some of the straightest in the country, I’m sure. I used to think WHY ON EARTH would anyone CHOOSE to live here? I’m still talking landscape here, not economics or politics – that’s another story, lol.  But something has turned inside of me over the last few years.  It might be that my mind has just given up and accepted the fact that I’ll likely never live anywhere else and I’m trying to make the best of it, haha. It might be because ALL of my growing up memories are in Illinois and as I get older I’ve started relishing them more. Regardless of why, the fact is that I’ve come to love and crave our wide open spaces.  So much so that I would actually prefer relocating to the country where I can step outside in the morning and see forever. Until that opportunity arises, I’m very happy living literally 1 minute from the fields, painted skies, and rolling clouds that God has blessed us with.

Here are some pics from Friday night. On a whim Miss Abby Jane and I went out to watch the blue moon rise. This may have been the first time she’s actually sat and watched the moon come up.  Since it was full and on the horizon it looked pretty big, was moving fast, and catching a lot of color from the sunset.  At first she thought it was the sun coming up 🙂

The next blue moon won’t be until 2018!

DSC_6720 WEBW.jpgDSC_6697 WEBW.jpgDSC_6738 WEBW.jpgDSC_6776F WEBW.jpgDSC_6801F WEBW.jpgDSC_6765 WEBW.jpg
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  1. Greta Gold at 10:38 pm #

    I’m without words. The beauty is artfully captured–a bit wistful. . .

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