Wandering with Dead Birds in the Dark

Ok so that’s an exaggeration.  It wasn’t dark, but it was quite dim.

It was great to see the faces that are the Way Down Wanderers last weekend in Chicago. It was an even bigger treat to catch them recording their single Dead Birds at Shirk Studio. Shirk Studio has hosted such awesomeness as The Alabama Shakes, The Lumineers, and many other musical creatures of the night who prefer to play in the dark.  Ha, again I jest about the dark thing.  Sort of 😉  It was a recording session, not a photo shoot, so they were more concerned with sound than light.  Psh 😉

Austin Thompson continues to be one of my favorite people to photograph. I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to take a bad picture of the guy. And believe me, I’ve tried. For instance at this recording session I asked specifically if we could shove him in a small dark closet with a reflective glass door and just one dim light. No problem, they said. BAM – crap lighting only made him look brooding and mysterious.  What IS it with that guy?!  What witchcraftery or devildealery is going on there?  (Disclaimer: To my knowledge Austin Thompson does not practice witchcraftery or devildealery.)

To sign up to see The Way Down Wanderers LIVE from their rumpus room in Chicago TONIGHT click HERE.

To get your tickets for The Way Down Wanderers with Chicago Farmer and Bones Jugs & Harmony at the Limelight in Peoria on December 20th click HERE.

Also – gawk at John Williams’ navel while you can, weirdos.  I’ll have to take down that pic if he asks me to 😉

DSC_5 BW WEB W.jpglarge collage.jpg
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  1. Greta Gold at 11:39 pm #

    Definitely cool shots!

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