Clinging to Fall – Peoria, IL Photographer

You should know this about me – I have a thing for doors (and chairs, but we can talk about that later).

This little door here, I pass it all the time on my way home from running errands.  It’s a bright and cheerful door, unlike the chipped and peeling doors which usually catch my eye.  Every time I passed it I thought to myself that it might be a good place to try some pictures.  And then I drove on home and forgot about it.  Well a couple weeks ago the colors AROUND said happy door were such that I could NOT forget about it. I loaded up my lovely (though sometimes uncooperative) “models” and headed back over the river.   After a quick stop inside to get permission (and Halloween candy from one of the nice ladies) we headed back outside for a quickie shoot.  It was a bit chilly so the young’uns didn’t last long.  There may also have been some drama about going to Target.  One of them wanted to and the other didn’t.  I can’t remember where I weighed in.  It’s amazing how worked up these two get when they don’t agree on something.

Anyhow, I captured Happy Door with my shorty-loves so at least I was happy.

Anybody recognize the door?

Gregg Florist Collage WEB bicubic smooth gradients PTM 30 W.jpg
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  1. mom at 4:29 pm #

    love the colors–love your willing/unwilling models!!!

  2. Stacey at 6:39 pm #

    Love it, as all of your pics 🙂

  3. Jo Dahler at 6:17 pm #

    Kristen, Your pictures are magical !!!

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