Little Adventures Season 2 Ep. 8 – Oh, Wisconsin

We wandered to Michigan with one Grandma and then shortly after journeyed to the other side of The Lake with another Grandma and a Papa.  Traveling with grandparents is something my husband did as a child, but I never did.  I am beyond thankful that Jack and Abby will have these awesome memories.   Door County is a beautiful, beautiful place.  Tons of opportunity for adventure.  It’s on the touristy side of things, so to avoid the hoards (if hoards bother you) I would recommend going during an off-peak time. We hit it after school started, but before the Fall color – seemed like good timing. I only had to photoshop out two background strangers 🙂  If you go, definitely allow time to take the ferry to Washington Island.  Totally worth it.

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  1. Jan at 5:40 pm #

    Loved them. Fabulous photos, all. I used to play a lot of golf at the little course on Washington Island….. once I recovered from being seasick from the ferry. Thanks for the great memories and seeing pictures of the great future.

  2. Mom at 6:56 pm #

    These are warm and sweet–soft color, beautiful light, beautiful children and lots-o-love. A treat now for sure but just think how sweet it will be to page thru in the middle of winter !

  3. Ida at 10:15 pm #

    Loved seeing these pics again. Just beautiful! They could each be enlarged and framed.

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