Michelle and Jim’s Wedding

I had great fun shooting a wedding a few months ago and realized I never shared it!  Jim and Michelle met and fell in lerrrrv at dentistry school. I took some engagement pictures for them back in November (see them HERE) and they asked me to shoot their wedding as well. We started out at Gloss Salon in Peoria Heights, where the lovely Michelle, her sister, and her mama got even prettier than they already were.  The pictures of Jim and the Gloss shop dog were from a few days before the wedding when I went to check out the salon, which I must say is b-e-a-utiful   It’s small and intimate with tons of natural light and a beautiful decor.  And they burn my favorite ever candle.  And Jess and Stacey know their stuff.  And they let me borrow a cute chair. Can you tell yet that I liked the place?  Plug, plug, plug 😉

Follow the link after the pictures to continue on to the wedding.

DSC_4 WEB W.jpgDSC_1 WEB W.jpgDSC_3 WEB W.jpgDSC_16 WEB.jpgDSC_8 WEB.jpgDSC_10 WEB W.jpgDSC_11 WEB W.jpgDSC_15 WEB W.jpgDSC_20 BW WEB W.jpgDSC_13 WEB W.jpgDSC_18 WEB W.jpgDSC_19 WEB W.jpgDSC_29 WEB W.jpgDSC_35 WEB W.jpgDSC_33 WEB W.jpgDSC_44 BW WEB W.jpg



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  1. mom at 9:55 pm #

    I think you are becoming a photo journalist–I’m glad for you–you have a gift!

  2. Jessica @ Gloss at 9:44 pm #

    We loved having you at Gloss! Working with you was wonderful. These photos are pure artwork! Thank you for capturing the dream I envisioned when planning the salon. Can’t wait to work with you again.

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