A Week of Wanderers: Friday (CD Release Day!!!)

The short but auspicious career of The Way Down Wanderers continues today with a look back at their video shoot for Blue Sky Song and shows in Chicago, Bloomington, Dwight, Kankakee, Normal, and Peoria.  Whew, these guys have been busy!

Come out TONIGHT to Limelight Eventplex for The Way Down Wanderers CD release party!  Tickets are only $10 advance (CLICK HERE) or $13 at the door.  Speaking of the door, it opens at 6:30 and the show starts at 7:30.  You get a lot of bang for your buck with this show, people: PM Buys, Art of ILL Fusion, Chicago Farmer, and of course The Way Down Wanderers!

DSC_5467 WEB caption.jpgDSC_5492 LR WEB W caption.jpgDSC_5538 WEB W caption.jpgDSC_5632 WEB caption.jpgDSC_6056 BW WEB caption.jpgDSC_6109 WEB caption.jpgDSC_6137 WEB caption.jpgDSC_6162WEB w caption.jpgDSC_7555 WEB W caption.jpgDSC_8145 BW WEB logo caption.jpgDSC_8196 WEB logo caption.jpgDSC_9498BW WEB logo caption.jpgDSC_9628 WEB W caption.jpgDSC_9973 WEB caption.jpg
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