Little Adventures, Season 2 Ep. 1 – Ribbon Records

It’s warming up, the grass is turning green and I do dee-CLAYah let the second season of Little Adventures BEGIN!  If you are new to Little Adventures here on Peachtree Lane – hello and howdy and welcome.  Little Adventures happens here on the blog once a week and it combines my love of my littles, photography, and adventuring out to new (or favorite) places.

Today’s adventure takes us to Ribbon Records or “the hipster store”, as I taught the shorties to call it.  Ha!  Located in the Murray Center on the corner of Walnut and Water Street in Downtown Peoria, Ribbon Records features a respectable collection of vinyl, vintage decor, and a nice selection of men’s and women’s vintage clothing at very reasonable prices.  The store has been there a few years now, but I didn’t know about it until The Way Down Wanderers visited the building to record their first music video.  A prior visit had the shorties watching their big brother have all the fun flipping through the bins and sampling some vintage jazz and hip hop at the listening station.  This time they got to don some hipster vintage threads I’ve been hoarding and flip through the records themselves like bigs.  Oh how important they felt!  A minor squabble may have occurred regarding turns on the ladder.

The first picture of Jack cracks me up.  He looks like he works there. “Can I help you find something?”  Ha.

Thank you to the nice guy working there who let me take pictures and who promised to keep an eye out for vintage kids clothes!

DSC_6832 WEB W.jpgDSC_6790 WEB W.jpgDSC_6881 WEB W.jpgDSC_6804 WEB W.jpgDSC_6878 WEB W.jpgDSC_6781 WEB W.jpgDSC_6884 WEB W.jpgDSC_6813 WEB W.jpgDSC_6809 WEB W.jpgDSC_6806 WEB W.jpg
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  1. Ida at 8:55 pm #

    Love it!

  2. Jan at 6:53 pm #

    I agree– Jack looks like you just walked in the store and he’s asking if you need help. So darling. Didn’t know you wanted vintage kids clothes. Should have known, however.

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