Too Sexy, Part 2

So I mentioned in my previous post that we had a little fashion shoot here on Peachtree Lane a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several talented and BRAVE young people recently.  Hannah Cusack is one of them.  She is pursuing her dream career in fashion design and is currently putting together a catalog or “look book” to send to potential buyers/retailers.  Look books can also be aimed at consumers by retailers to illustrate how good one might look in a certain outfit accessorized in expensive jewelry while mingling with actors in a swank club sipping a cocktail.  Those are the look books you see in catalogs and online that make you think, “YES, I WANT TO BE THAT SKINNY GIRL WEARING THAT CUTE MAXI SKIRT BUYING FRESH FRUIT FROM AN OPEN BAZAAR IN MARRAKESH” and then you whip out your credit card – the one your husband hasn’t taken away – and quickly type in the digits and security code and curse the added shipping cost because your order isn’t over $150 but it’s so worth it because of THAT GREAT SKIRT AND THE FRESH FRUIT.

Ahem.   Anyway.  Since Hannah’s look book is geared towards buyers and retailers, we chose to keep the shoot look clean and simple with the focus on the garments.  The pieces are from Hannah’s fall formal wear collection.  Designers are kind of like time travelers.  They design in the future.  Then they come back and have to work in a world that is “so yesterday” to market, manufacture, and distribute.  It’s insane the amount of work that goes into this, especially when you are a one person start-up with no promise of return.  That’s where the BRAVE part comes in.  I soooo admire creative people who take this leap.

This is just a smattering of pics from the shoot.  There are 14 pieces in the collection and we took 3+ shots of each piece.  Hannah is still working on her website, etc so I’ll come back and link to it when she’s up and running.

Gabrielle Flower Crown Close Up WEB W.jpgc23-DSC_4238sunny days WEB W.jpgc47-Elington Maxi Triptych W.jpgFitzgerald A WEB W.jpgFitzgerald B WEB W.jpgFitzgerald C WEB W.jpgIra A WEB W.jpgIra B WEB W.jpgIra C WEB W.jpgLouise A Sunny WEB W.jpgLouise B Sunny WEB W .jpgLouise C Sunny WEB B.jpgMarian Maxi Triptych WEB W.jpgMarian Triptych WEB W.jpgGabrielle Flower Crown WEB W.jpg
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  1. Jan at 7:32 pm #

    Nice work, Hannah and Kristen!

  2. mom at 10:30 pm #

    Well hey, this is a totally new venue–i’m awe-struck–these have the “look”–capture that creativeness of design–the model lookds super beautiful–i think this is a great job!

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