The Way Down Wanderers at the Apollo

DSC_4147 FOR WEB W.jpgDSC_4012 FOR WEB W.jpgDSC_4014 FOR WEB W.jpgDSC_4023 FOR WEB W.jpgDSC_4049 BW FOR WEB W.jpgDSC_4060 BW FOR WEB W.jpgDSC_4072 BW FOR WEB W.jpgDSC_4082 FOR WEB W.jpgDSC_4084 FOR WEB W.jpgDSC_4105 FOR WEB W.jpgDSC_4108 BW FOR WEB W.jpg
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  1. mom at 10:24 am #

    Love the fashion–will there be more?
    Love the lighting on the Apollo–also caught Wanderers looking good–there’s something about guys wes ring plaid in blavk n white!
    Would love to have those pics of Pauly

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