The Elusive Taller One

Ah, the teenager.  There are thirteen years between Pauly (aka “Paul”) and the shorties.  It’s a little surreal. *Sigh*  The contrast makes my head spin sometimes.  Due to the fact that the teenager goes off to school every day, hangs out with friends, and essentially has his “own life,” he is largely underrepresented on this blog.  Boo to that, but yay that he is turning out to be an awesome young man.  Love him.

Here’s a little bit of what he was up to this last weekend – IMEA District 3 Jazz Festival at Illinois Wesleyan University.  Pauly’s the handsome dude on set.

2013 IMEA District 3 Jazz Festival

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  1. mom at 4:13 am #

    Very cool, wish I could ha ve been there!
    Love you all!

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