Courage, shorty style

Just one town over from us thousands of people are dealing with the loss of their homes in Sunday’s EF-4 tornado.  Is it weird to feel guilty that me and mine are all healthy, happy, and warm, staring at our Christmas tree newly set up in the living room?  So many people in the world dealing with big, scarey things that require courage on so many levels.

This week on Peachtree Lane we are thankful that our big, scarey things are positive in nature: intimidating opportunities at my husband’s work, our teenager preparing to get his driver’s license and looking for a part-time job, and my getting through the day-to-day with the shorties.  Life itself demands courage of all of us.  Different kinds at different times and some not as outwardly obvious.

Shorty-style courage this week at their 3-year check up:

DSC_0331sunnyWheight collage Wweight collageWblood pressure W

DSC_0371sunny WR

DSC_0362sunnyWRDSC_0376sunn WRCourage Quote

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  1. jan at 11:45 am #

    Oh, I just LOVE those photos. So very very sweet.

  2. jan at 11:49 am #

    hahaha but they just measured their overall height. I wish they would have measured their little legs!

  3. jan at 11:50 am #

    PS who needs to buy Lumosity to keep my brain sharp when I can just do the math on your comment page?

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