Little Adventures

“Where we gonna goooo?”  If you know Jack you probably read that in his little sing-song voice a-la “Did you see me on the Facebooooook?”

Yes, I stay home with the kids but no, we don’t stay home.  There is rarely a day when we don’t go anywhere.  Usually by 10am if we haven’t already loaded up in the car either Jack or Abby will ask the question.  If I tell them we aren’t going anywhere today I’m hit with a barrage of whiiiiiiine.  They’ve gotten comfortably used to getting away from the house and I must say I have too.  So, in true multi-tasker mama fashion, I hereby designate Wednesday as our Little Adventure Day.  We get out of the house and go somewhere the shorties have never been before.  I will take pictures and all ya’ll (hehe) can gawk at us on the blog.

Little AdventuresLittle Adventures Two

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