Fruit Picking Day

Anyone out there watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood?


Dear Moms, Dads, and Grandparents,

Fall is beautiful here in Central Illinois and many of you likely have in mind to take your family to an orchard or pumpkin patch.  Pictures will be taken, likely with smartphones or the braver among you will try to juggle your “good” camera with your kids, purse, diaper bag, stroller, wheelbarrow, bags of apples, pumpkin donuts, pies, and that scented candle that will transform your house into the crisp, sweet, warm fuzzy goodness that is Fall.

But here’s an idea.  Hire me to come along and capture the moments for you.  You can focus on having a good time with your family and I will snap away and provide you with postcard-worthy edited pictures ready for printing or posting on the Facebook.  Gosh, that’s a good idea.  Better snap to it and click on that Contact link above!

Partridge Point Orchard 1Partridge Point Orchard 2

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