Wiggly Feet


For Father’s Day I undertook to recreate a very sweet and simple photo I saw on Pinterest.  How hard could it be?  Hahaha

Fathers Day CollageFirst of all, writing on toddler feet (anybody’s feet, I imagine) incites much squealing, squirming, and “oh mama’s writing on my feet I want to write on myself too.”  Second, herding four toddler feet into a readable position after all the writing/squirming/squabbling over the marker is like herding cats.  “Hold your feet straight up,” I said.  Jack lifts both legs straight up in the air.  “Keep your legs straight,” I pleaded.  They both stretch out their legs and point their toes.   Enter diversionary tactics.  Big suckers.  Little legs and little toes stay amazingly still when both hands and both mouths are focused on the brightly colored, big-as-their-head candies on sticks.  We sorta got it.  Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!



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