I was starting to think there wouldn’t be enough snow this year to make use of the snow pants and snow boots I squirreled away months ago.   That would have been sad because toddlers in snow pants are way cute, right?!  They didn’t take much interest in building the snowman – that was all on me.  They did give him high-fives and sit nicely for a picture, though.  What interested them most was eating the snow and ice and playing with the mud in the melty spots near the house.   My older son took off with buddies in the afternoon to go sledding at Lourdes Hill.  I did a little dance on the inside that sledding is something that still sounds fun to him.  I was also a little disappointed because I couldn’t go along to watch – I was stuck at the house for nap time.  As if he wanted his mom tagging along anyway!   But, you see, I would have used my camera to cover up my scent.  Nooooo…. your mother isn’t going in order to watch you play with your friends… she’s working…  taking pictures for her blog… 😉  Next time!

c94-snowman collage 1.jpgSnowman collage 3.jpgsnow daddy.jpg
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