Make Do and Mend

I love old things.  I’m pretty sure it’s because they symbolize to me a time that “moved slower.”  Although I’m sure people back then felt time moving every bit as fast as we do today.    It’s also because they remind my of how things used to be more “simple.”  Although I know people back then probably felt things every bit as complicated as they are today.  You get the idea.    Anyway, my love of how things used to be (in my head) leads me to collect old things.  I lerrrv (very different from love) combing through antique stores (the less refined, the better because it usually means better deals), Goodwill stores, Craigslist and of course Ebay.   Sometimes I have something specific in mind that I am looking for.  Other times I just look to look and if I’m lucky I stumble on something awesome.

The upside of my old thing habit is that many of these things make cool, trendy photo props.  My latest acquisition has been in the back of my head for awhile – a vintage Quaker lace tablecloth.  I know – everyone’s Grandma probably has one in the closet and if I waited for summer garage sales I could probably find half a dozen.  But I’ve been looking for a huuuge one, and these aren’t as easy to come by.  I’ve looked around locally, but just never found one I could afford.   When this happens I typically resort to trolling Ebay, even though it’s hard finding vintage deals on Ebay anymore.  And then there’s the shipping.  I hate paying shipping for anything.  Why a huuuge one?  I want to use it for a photo backdrop.  Wouldn’t a smaller one work just as well?  Yes, but then I couldn’t also make a tent out of it for pretty summertime pictures!

I did manage to find an enormous one on Ebay – an auction listing with Make an Offer option.   It came with compromise, though – many, many tears and some stains.  Since I am not above using used things, especially if it means I can save a chunk of money, I made a low ball offer which the seller actually accepted.   This gal is a gigantic 85″ x 178″ and the design is so pretty.  Time has not been so good to her, though.  I’m currently in the process of sewing her up before tackling the stains.  A good chunk of it is totally usable, so if my restoration attempts on the rest of it fail, that’s ok.  Sitting quietly on the sofa watching the snow while making hundreds of tiny stitches isn’t time wasted in my book.  It’s time slowed down.

Here’s a sneakity peak:


DSC_2920 editR.jpgDSC_2848 sugarR.jpg
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