The Way Down Wanderers at the Apollo

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  My son (the tall one, not the short one) has the distinct pleasure of playing drums with The Way Down Wanderers.  These guys are so awesome and talented and serious about their craft.  Really and truly.  Last night they opened at the Apollo for the Whiskey Rodgers Galactic String Band, another extremely talented group with a following straight out of Amity faction.  Good times.  Kudos to anyone and everyone working to keep the Apollo maintained and opened.  It is an incredible venue for the arts and a beautiful historic building!  For some history on the Apollo, click HERE.  To find out when and where you can catch the Way Down Wanderers, click HERE.

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  1. mom February 26, 2014 at 10:24 am #

    Love the fashion–will there be more?
    Love the lighting on the Apollo–also caught Wanderers looking good–there’s something about guys wes ring plaid in blavk n white!
    Would love to have those pics of Pauly

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